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Victory Day in USA – State Holiday – Today holiday

                           Victory Day in USA – State Holiday – Today holiday

Victory Day in the United States of America (USA) also called VJ day, as it was the auspicious victory day over Japan in World War 2. This holiday is celebrated on second Monday of August every year in the Rhode Island of United States. People remember the Allies that gave them victory over Japan in the second world war. This day is surely a victory day in Rhode Island due to their achievements and performance in World War 2 so it is day of state holiday in US. It will be celebrated on 14th August 2017.  

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History of Victory Day:

This victory day is due to the dropping of an atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9 respectively. The US, the nuclear power has made the significant impact of their power on Japan at that time. The after effects of that attack is still there in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The residents of United States follow American Holidays Calendar to celebrate this remarkable day. Military forces arrange special ceremonies in the memory of martyrs and brave soldiers of world war 2.

This day has very importance in the Rhode Island, and they consider it a state holiday. There is no official work on this day, and people are free to enjoy their VJ day gracefully. Many critics have tried to give another name to this day, but the people here celebrate this day as the victory over Japan every year in Rhode Island and the victory day 2017 will be on second Monday of August.

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Public activity:

As it is an American public holiday but the trend to keep entire work beside on that day is still missing. Some of the banks and offices are closed on VJ day, but some are open and continue their official work. Bus services are available all the time to travel, and you can also send Mails as the mail service can be found on that day. Everyone knows that world war two was ended on September 2, 1945, and the US marks their victory over Japan.

Victory Day Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
August 9Monday2012Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 8Monday2013Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 13Monday2014Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 12Monday2015Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 11Monday2016Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 10Monday2017Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 8Monday2018Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 14Monday2019Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 13Monday2020Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 12Monday2021Victory DayState holidayRhode Island
August 10Monday2022Victory DayState holidayRhode Island


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