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Statehood Day in Hawaii in USA – Holiday today

                                    Statehood Day in Hawaii in USA – Holiday today

Statehood Day in Hawaii in United States of America (USA) is the day that is celebrated on Hawaii’s admission as a state in USA. This day is celebrated on August 21, 1959. The day was created due to the Admission Act that was specifically formulated to provide for the admission of the state of Hawaii. Hawaii was declared to be the 50th State in USA so the day is known by the name of Statehood Day in Hawaii in USA.

What is Statehood Day?

Statehood Day also known as Admission Day is a legal holiday in the state of Hawaii in the United States of America. By Statehood, we mean “the status or condition of being a state.” So that’s why this day is named as Statehood Day in Hawaii in USA as Hawaii became a state of USA.

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Statehood Day Holiday:

Statehood Day Holiday was celebrated for the first time in 1969. This day is celebrated on the third Friday in August each year as an anniversary of Hawaii’s admission in the Union in 1959.

Hawaii Statehood Day 2017:

On the third Friday in August i.e. on 18th August 2017, Hawaii Statehood Holiday 2017 is going to be celebrated. This Statehood Holiday is an official holiday in USA. On this day, Government offices, schools and institutes remain closed in the honor of Statehood Day. Few of the transport runners also consider it their Public Holiday and do not offer transport services.

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Statehood Day – A Controversial Holiday:

There is an issue faced by the people as far as the Statehood Day is related. This day is not celebrated by all Hawaiians so it remains a Controversial Holiday. This is due to the reason that some local Hawaiians wants Hawaii to be an independent state and not a state of the union.

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State Hood Day Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYearHoliday NameHoliday Type Where It is Observed
Aug 17Fri2012Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 16Fri2013Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 15Fri2014Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 21Fri2015Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 19Fri2016Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 18Fri2017Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 17Fri2018Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 16Fri2019Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 21Fri2020Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 20Fri2021Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 19Fri2022Statehood DayState holidayHawaii


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