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Senior Citizen Day in USA – Today’s holiday

                                                      Senior Citizen Day in USA – Today’s holiday

Senior Citizen Day in the United States of America is a day that recognizes contributions that are made by the senior citizens in USA. They are recognized for making their achievements in communities all across the United States. This day was created as a day to support, honor and show appreciation to our seniors. This day is celebrated to recognize the achievements of senior and old people that are of great value and significance in making this world a better place to live.

History of Senior Citizens Day:

Some people celebrate Senior Citizens Day on August 14 as it was the day when US President, Ronald Regan, signed the Social Security Act in 1935. Later on, in 1988, the President of USA, Ronald Regan declared August 21st to be the Senior Citizen Day in USA. This day was set aside to recognize the contributions of older Americans to their country and communities.

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National Senior Citizens Day Holiday 2017:

National Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on the 21st of August each year. So if we look at 2017 Holidays Calendar, we will see that National Senior Citizens Day 2017 is going to take place on Monday i.e. 21st August 2017.

Senior Citizens Day Events and Activities:

There are several activities and events that are organized on Senior Citizens Day. Through these events, awareness can be raised regarding the support of older people in building the society up. This can help us recognize their achievements and know their worth. There could be different ways of awareness-raising like that of social media and news stories. This can also be done by arranging special community gatherings and inviting senior citizens and their families.

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US Holidays 2017:

If we look up at American Holidays Calendar, we will see that in the list of US Holidays 2017, Senior Citizens Day is an observance day. This day is not celebrated as a public holiday in USA.

National Holidays:

Senior Citizens Day is not a Federal National Holiday but rather an observance. This is to recognize and be supportive of our senior citizens.

Senior Citizens Day Celebrations:

Senior Citizens Day is celebrated by giving thanks and providing support to older people in the society. The point of this holiday is to get involved and give back to the seniors who have already given so much to you. Here are few ideas through which you can celebrate this day.

  • Show appreciation for the senior citizens in your life.
  • Help senior citizens and retired people unique and dynamic issues. Educate yourself about health, economic and social issues and try to solve them.
  • Throw a party and take a couple of hours to celebrate the positive contributions made by senior citizens in your life.

Senior Citizen Day Holiday Table:

DateWeek DayYearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Aug 21Tue2012Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Wed2013Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Thu2014Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Fri2015Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Sun2016Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Mon2017Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Tue2018Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Wed2019Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Fri2020Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Sat2021Senior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 21Sun2022Senior Citizens DayObservance

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