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Raksha Bandhan in USA – Hindu Holiday in USA – Holiday today

                                           Raksha Bandhan in USA – Hindu Holiday in USA – Holiday today

Raksha Bandhan in the United States of America (USA) is celebrated with deep emotions and with the same zeal and zest as celebrated in India. The Hindu community in the United States show their love towards their trends and celebrates Raksha Bandhan with their brothers and sisters. All sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of brothers and get some wishes and rewards in return to show love with each other.

Holidays in the United States:

The government of United States announces official holidays on the events like Raksha Bandhan with the Hindu community residing in the United States. You can see the official holidays given by the government of the United States in the American Holidays Calendar. You will also get to know about next major holidays in the United States by viewing the American Holidays Calendar. Indians have the active community in the U.S, and they enjoy this beautiful event without any interruption.

Raksha Bandhan Day in USA - AmericanHolidaysCalendar.com
Indians here in the US celebrate this event same as the Indians in India and starting with puja that is an important part of this event and sisters wish to have their brother present in this puja. After the puja, sisters put tilak on the head of their brothers and tie Rakhi on their wrists. After this, brothers and sisters spend their day with family to make in memorable. Exchange of wishes and gifts is the best part of this Rakhi event.

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Raksha Bandhan date and auspicious time:

According to Hindu community, the ideal time to tie Rakhi is late Afternoon called Aparahna, and the other one is Pradesh. But 2017 Raksha Bandhan date and auspicious time are from “06:03 to 14:10” on August 7. The duration is 8 hours and 6 minutes, and this is the best time to tie Rakhi to your brothers and wish them a happy life ahead. This is the way Hindus celebrates Raksha Bandhan in United States of America (USA).

Raksha Bandhan Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYear Holiday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
August 1Wed2012Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 20Tue2013Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 10Sun2014Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 29Sat2015Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 17Wed2016Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 7Mon2017Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 25Sat2018Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 14Wed2019Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday
August 3Mon2020Raksha BandhanHindu Holiday

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