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Purple Heart Day in USA – American Holidays – Today’s holiday

                               Purple Heart Day in USA – American Holidays – Today’s holiday

Purple Heart Day in the United States of America (USA) is celebrated in the memories of brave and courageous soldiers of the land who received wounds while fighting for their country or the soldiers who got martyred. Only three lucky soldiers have this award in the revolutionary war of America, and all of them are non-commissioned officers. According to American holidays Calendar, the date of Purple Heart day in United states of America is August 7, and there will be an official holiday in the US.

Purple Heart Day - AmericanHolidaysCalendar.com

The Award for Bravery:

George Washington creates the purple heart, and he awarded this to all three soldiers of revolutionary war himself. According to the facts, approximately 1.8 million soldiers are assigned by this honor. The amazing thing is that there is no holiday on this day as the workers works according to their routine but the military forces pay special tribute to those brave hearted and courageous soldiers, veterans and all other recipients.

People of America fly the American flags to show their strength and unity for those soldiers. People get more knowledge about the purple heart on this day via televisions and Internet and also donate an impressive amount of money to the purple heart foundation to express their love. Americans feel proud and tell their children about the history of purple heart day, so they get to know about purple heart meaning.

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Purple Heart Foundation:

The National purple heart day encourages people to know about their soldier’s lives and know about the military forces of America. Purple heart foundation promotes the feeling of patriotism and motivates the Americans to fight for their country like brave soldiers. That is how they celebrates Purple Heart Day in United States of America.

Purple Heart Day Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYear Holiday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
August 7Tuesday2012Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Wednesday2013Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Thursday2014Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Friday2015Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Sunday2016Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Monday2017Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Tuesday2018Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Wednesday2019Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Friday2020Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Saturday2021Purple Heart DayObservance
August 7Sunday2022Purple Heart DayObservance

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