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Parent’s day in United States of America – Today Holiday

                                          Parent’s day in United States of America – Today Holiday

Well, we all know the origin of father’s day and mother’s day but it is a bit difficult to explain the origination of parent’s day. But Americans celebrate Parent’s day on 4th Sunday of July each year. Believe it or not this is one of the best holidays in 2017 USA. Keep reading the article as I have mentioned fun facts regarding Parent’s day in United States of America (USA) for you.

Why is parents’ day celebrated?

After all that our parents have done for us, I believe they do need to receive recognition for their role in our life. The day aims to promote responsible parenting and positive parental role models. Other than that this day celebrate the loving bond between parents and children.parents day in usa

Is this day a public holiday?

Although parent’s day is known to be national observance but it is not yet considered a public holiday in United States of America.


What is the historical background of this day?

This day delivers an important message regarding role of parent figure in the child development. The development of children requires focus, time and finance investment and above all focus from parents. Back in the year of 1994, the US president Bill Clinton passed a resolution which was further accepted by the US congress, that resolution was to establish the fourth Sunday of July as Parent’s day. This day similarize big time with mother’s day and father’s day.

How to celebrate Parent’s day?

For celebrating this day, one can send post cards, flowers, gifts, and cake and food items to their parents. This day is the ideal day for families to arrange a meal together. Children should pay a special tribute to their parents on this very day, when I say tribute it means you can do multiple things for parents like poster painting, card making, drawings and scrap books etc. In recent years Parent’s day proclamation and rallies are held too. Few major organizations like United Civil Rights Council of America are also involved in these rallies.

Parent’s day council also plays a major role in celebration of this day. The council is known to honor “Parent of the year” at local, state and national levels.Exemplary parents are selected from each state and are nominated for the “National Parents of the year” award. Parent’s day 2017 celebrations are awesome throughout the world.

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What is the parents day 2017 date?

As per the calendar of 2017, the parent’s day 2017 date is Sunday 23rd of July.


When is the Parent’s day in United States of America (USA)? We all know the value of parents in our life. Without them we could not be who we are. The Government of USA has established a day for parents since 1994, though it is not a holiday but a special day like mother’s day and Father’s day that comes on 4th Sunday of July each year. This year Parent’s day is going to be held on 23rd of July. Make sure to spread love and to respect your parents because they have compromised so much in order to raise you well.

Parents Day Observance:

Date Week DayYearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Jul 22Sunday2012Parents' DayObservance
Jul 28Sunday2013Parents' DayObservance
Jul 27Sunday2014Parents' DayObservance
Jul 26Sunday2015Parents' DayObservance
Jul 24Sunday2016Parents' DayObservance
Jul 23Sunday2017Parents' DayObservance
Jul 22Sunday2018Parents' DayObservance
Jul 28Sunday2019Parents' DayObservance
Jul 26Sunday2020Parents' DayObservance
Jul 25Sunday2021Parents' DayObservance
Jul 24Sunday2022Parents' DayObservance

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