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National POW/MIA Recognition Day in USA – Holiday today

Celebrations and Observations:

National POWMIA Recognition Day in the United States of America2

National POW/MIA Recognition Day in the United States of America is basically an afternoon of commentary. The concept of the holiday is one-of-a-kind than different militia popularity days, along with Memorial Day, as it recognizes serving contributors who don’t make it back home – useless or alive. Now not knowing the outcome of a cherished one fighting oversees is heartbreaking, particularly if you don’t have the opportunity to offer him or her a right burial. In this appreciate, country wide POW/MIA recognition Day also honors the families of those lacking or imprisoned in war.

Communities across the US of a fly the POW/MIA flag, and lots of additionally placed on unique ceremonies to honor those infantrymen inside the militia. Memorial services can also be held for contributors who continue to be missing in action.

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When is National POW/MIA Recognition Day?

Country wide POW/MIA reputation Day his an American vacation that recognizes prisoners of warfare (POW), in addition to those form the armed offerings which can be missing in movement (MIA). the vacation passed off after the Vietnam struggle, and is currently celebrated every 1/3 Friday in September. That is a special time that everyone people can understand the sacrifices made through the armed forces, especially folks who never made it domestic. It is on September 15, 2017.


The primary countrywide POW/MIA recognition Day was hung on July 18, 1979. It turned into located on a few extraordinary dates till September 1986, when the holiday changed into modified to the 0.33 Friday of that month. Since then, national POW/MIA popularity Day has usually been hung on that Friday in September. While now not a central authority holiday, this offers related establishments as well as groups to publicly understand the day even as people are at paintings. Every 12 months, the President of the United States holds a unique speech and rite in honor of national POW/MIA recognition Day.

National POW/MIA Recognition Day Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYearHoliday Name Holiday TypeWhere It is Observed
Sep 17Fri2010National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 16Fri2011National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 21Fri2012National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 20Fri2013National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 19Fri2014National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 18Fri2015National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 16Fri2016National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 15Fri2017National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 21Fri2018National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 20Fri2019National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 18Fri2020National POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance


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