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Janmashtami in USA – Hindu Holiday -Today’s holiday

                                           Janmashtami in USA – Hindu Holiday -Today’s holiday

Janmashtami in the United States of America is celebrated by the Hindu community because it is their annual event. They celebrate the birth of Krishna in various ways and show their love towards their GOD on that day. According to US calendar, this event comes in August or September which is equal to Bhadrapada month of Hindi calendar. Hindu community celebrates the holiday in the US and prays to GOD for a better life.

Celebrations of Janmashtami

The celebrations of Janmashtami starts with the secret pooja in which the whole family is included. After the pooja, people come out of their houses and travel in the form of groups towards their Mandir. The crowd sings various songs to remember Bhagwan (Hindu GOD) in their celebrations. People also stands on one another, and when they reach to maximum height, they break the clay pot.

Janmashtami day in usa2 - a day of hindu holiday

The Indian mass in the US has the facility to enjoy their holy events at home according to American Holidays Calendar. They are free from any work to celebrate their event with family members at home. The tradition of wearing new clothes and do pooja in the morning is still alive, and they practice it well. Dandiya is the main part of the celebration along with Raas Leela that is organized by different committees. Family members play dandiya at their home with each other to make this auspicious event more colorful.

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Date & Timings

Here you can find the exact date and time of Janmashtami festivals. 2017 Krishna Janmashtami date and day is 14 August. As per the information from various sources, it will be 5244th Birthday of Lord Krishna. Hindu community believes in the best time to do puja, and they do this puja at the particular time to avoid any misshaping. Hindu ends the celebrations of Janmashtami in the United States of America on the higher note.

Janmashtami Day Holiday Calendar:

Date Week DayYearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
August 9Thursday2012JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
August 28Wednesday2013JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
August 16Saturday2014JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
September 4Friday2015JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
August 25Thursday2016JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
August 14Monday2017JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
September 2Sunday 2018JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
August 23Friday2019JanmashtamiHindu Holiday
August 10Monday2020JanmashtamiHindu Holiday


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