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Emancipation Day in USA – Today’s holiday

History of  Emancipation Day:

Emancipation Day in the United States of America, is on  September 22, 1862, Abraham Lincoln issued an initial proclamation, which required all states to abandon slavery inside one hundred days. It declared all slaves “thenceforth and forever more free”. The Emancipation Proclamation went into effect on January 1, 1863. Compensated emancipation act was also launched after that.


The abolishment of slavery within the America is widely known on unique dates in different components of the country. As an instance, Texas commemorates the liberation of the ultimate remaining slaves on Juneteenth, even as citizens of Washington DC celebrate Emancipation Day on April sixteen every year, remembering the signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act on April sixteen, 1862.

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Activities of people:

Emancipation Day has been discovered annually given that 1863 in Gallia County in south-eastern Ohio, so this party is most widely recognized and generally draws more than 2000 site visitors from Ohio and the rest of America. Contemporary birthday party consists of concerts, historic re-enactments, food and a huge range of different sports. Emancipation Day dc is celebrated with full devotion.

Emancipation Day 2017:

Emancipation Day 2017 is on September 22, Friday. This day is celebrated in Ohio. Emancipation day in Texas is celebrated in April.

Emancipation Day Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Sep 22Wed2010Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Thu2011Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Sat2012Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Sun2013Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Mon2014Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Tue2015Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Thu2016Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Fri2017Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Sat2018Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Sun2019Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 22Tue2020Emancipation DayLocal observanceOhio

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