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Colorado day in USA – Holiday today

                                                          Colorado day in USA – Holiday today

On 1st of August a USA holiday observed known as Colorado Day. Colorado Day in the United States (USA) is celebrated because in 1876, on this day the beautiful state become part of the Union. Keep on reading in order to know all about this beautiful day and also read American Holidays Calendar.

Colorado Day fun facts: History of the Colorado state flag:

The word “Colorado” means red river and that’s why Spanish explorer referred to that area with this term. The river referred here is the famous river of the state called as Gila River. On august 1 back in the year 1876, a president known as Ulysses S. gave permission for signing a proclamation admitting Colorado as a separate state. Colorado day is afterwards celebrated as one of the state observed holidays which is only celebrated in state of Colorado. This year this day is going to be 141 years old. Some also claims that Colorado day was decided to be celebrated on 1st of August but it was shifted to Monday of First week of August back in 1968 when a bill of uniformed holidays was passed by the congress.

Colorado Day in United States of America (USA)

How is the public life on this day?

As it is a state holiday, it means that no other state celebrates this day except Colorado. Most business, educational institutions, public transport and major government bodies are opened. If the date falls on non-working days, than Colorado day is considered as perfect public holiday.

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What are the scheduled activities?

The performers:

11.30; a pig walk is arranged along with junior cheer leaders performance.

12.30 Cherry creek dance performance is held

1.30: A choir is sung by Rocky mountain children.

The demonstrators in this day are:

  • Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave
  • Adobe brick making activity
  • Bens fort
  • Gold panning with George town loop, Railroad national park services


  • Alpacas
  • Colorado proud booth, Colorado department of Agriculture
  • Colorado History day poster session and Ribbon winners
  • 1-5pm: Mountain Dairy goats

Fun activity:

  • Colorado flag coloring activity

Free admission throughout the state:

This celebration includes History’s Colorado community Museum for statewide commemoration of Colorado’s wild, colorful, historical and traditional yet modern culture.

Free admissions are held all day long at:

  • El Pueblo history museum
  • Trinidad History Museum
  • Byers-Evans history museum
  • Fort Garland Museum and culture center
  • Fort Vasquez Museum
  • Dexter cabin and Haley house Museum


Colorado day is a day celebrated once in a year, though this is not a public holiday but most of the sectors in state of Colorado are closed. Colorado day holds a great importance because this is the day when State of Colorado came in to being. Colorado day in United States of America (USA) is celebrated on 1st of August each year. As well all know Colorado is the most joyful and festive state, from flag paintings to centennial farm display they do it all.

Colorado day Holiday Calendar:

Date Week DayYearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Aug 1Wed2012Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Thu2013Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Fri2014Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Sat2015Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Mon2016Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Tue2017Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Wed2018Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Thu2019Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Sat2020Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Sun2021Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 1Mon2022Colorado DayLocal observanceColorado

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