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Coast Guard Birthday in USA – US Public Holidays -Is Today a Holiday

On August 4th one of the US Public Holidays is observed that develops a sense of patriotism and respect in every US citizen. This day is none other than Coast guard birthday in United States of America (USA). This year US coast guard is going to turn 227th. From 1790 US coast guard has protected nation of USA a lot of times.

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History of the United States Coast Guard:

The coast guard is one of the America’s five armed forced. This armed force was established back in 1790  when the congress authorized construction of 10 vessels for the sake of enforcing the trade law and tariffs, prevention from smuggling and last but not least securing the federal revenue collections.

The congress person who requested congress for “Revenue Marine” was Alexander Hamilton. This was later re-named the US Revenue Cutter Service. In the year 1915 this group joined the U.S lifesaving service and became how we know these days and USA coast guard.

Coast Guard Birthday in the United States of America (USA)

How many military operations have been aided by US coast guard?

Since the day it is anticipated, US coast guard has aided in highlighting military operations that are World War 2, Vietnam war, Korean War, Iraqi freedom operation, Mariel Boatlift, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Hurricane Katrina.

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How and when is the day celebrated in USA?

As we all know it one of the most patriotic holiday dates 2017 for US citizens. There are several ways in which nation celebrate this day. The coast guard that are situated almost all over USA celebrate this day by planning picnics with family and friends, at some states informal sports competition is also held. In Michigan a grand event is arranged known as Coast guard Festival. The festival is perfect combination of parade, fireworks and most epic solute. The day in Michigan is kicked off by Pig roast pig out party, patriotic breakfast, musical concert and free of cost admission to beer tents.

In Portsmouth, the city held a joint run of Coast Guard 5k and cutter 10k. Part of course also went through the base.

In Kodiak, the day is celebrated with free 9 holes of golf today and by giving away 4 whole days of long boat rentals with BBQ celebration

In New York there is a show held on Alexander Hamilton, the congress treasury whose will power and belief made this day and of course this u.s. holiday possible


The US Coast Guard will celebrates its 227th birthday on August 4 on the day of Friday, make sure to be a part of this perfect holiday and celebrate this holiday with zeal and enthusiasm that this holiday deserves.


Let us all give a round of applause to all the coast guards who have risked their life multiple times in order to protect the US nation from mass destruction. The coast guard birthday date every year is 4th of August and this year it is going to turn 227th. This armed force was established back in 1790 by a congress man known as Alexander Hamilton. Coast guard birthday in United States of America (USA is very patriotic even which needs to be celebrate with great enthusiasm each year.


Happy Birthday, United States Coast Guard!

Coast Guard Birthday Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek Day YearHoliday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Aug 4Sat2012Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Sun2013Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Mon2014Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Tue2015Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Thu2016Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Fri2017Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Sat2018Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Sun2019Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Tue2020Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Wed2021Coast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 4Thu2022Coast Guard BirthdayObservance



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