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Bunker Hill Day in USA – US National Holidays – What holiday is today

                                        Bunker Hill Day in USA – US National Holidays – What holiday is today

Bunker Hill Day in the United States in America (USA) is marked as the anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill and is celebrated each year on 17th of June. This battle was also known as the Battle of Breed’s Hill. In this battle, the British defeated the Americans. Since June 17, 1775, this day is remembered by the name of Bunker Hill Day in the United States.

History of Bunker Hill Day in the United States:

Bunker Hill is a hill, located in the Boston neighborhood of a town named Charlestown. This place is famous because of the American Revolutionary War Battle that was fought near this hill. This battle was fought on June 17, 1775, and got renowned by the name of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

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US National Holidays:

Bunker Hill Day is considered to be among US National Holidays. As the year 2017 is passing by, if we look at the calendar we will see that this day is mentioned in the list of 2017 US holidays.

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When is Bunker Hill Day in the United States in 2017?

Now the question arises that when is Bunker Hill Day in the United States in 2017? So if we look at Bunker Hill Day at American Holiday Calendar then this day is near to arrive on June 17, 2017, that will be Saturday. But as far as another question is concerned that is today holiday? So it can be seen in the calendar that Bunker Hill Day is a state holiday and is observed at Massachusetts.

Bunker Hill Day in Boston:

Bunker Hill Day is a state holiday in Suffolk County including Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. On Bunker Hill Day in Boston, many libraries and schools stay closed whereas state offices stay open. This day is not a public holiday in all the parts of United States.

Bunker Hill Day Parade:

People all around the US love attending and enjoying Bunker Hill Day Parade every year. It is the tradition since 1786 as it was the first major battle of American Revolution. This parade is held on the 17th of June each year or prior to that day.

Bunker Hill Day Parade 2017 Route:

So this year, in 2017, this parade is planned to begin on 11th June on Sunday prior to the exact date and day. Bunker Hill Day Parade 2017 Route details had been released by the city officials. The parade is expected to begin at 12:30 pm and ends at 2:30 pm. The parade will move on following route according to Boston officials. This parade starts at on Vine Street and passes through downtown Charlestown. It then proceeds past the Bunker Hill Monument and finishes at Park Street in such a way.

  • Vine Street to Bunker Hill Street
  • Left onto Main Street
  • Right onto Union Street
  • Left onto Washington Street
  • Left onto Harvard Street
  • Right onto Pleasant Street
  • Right onto Warren Street
  • Left onto Monument Avenue
  • Left onto Monument Square/High Street
  • Right onto Green Street
  • Right onto Bartlett Street to Monument Square
  • Right to Winthrop Square
  • Left onto Common Street
  • Right onto Park Street[

Bunker Hill Day Holiday Calendar:

DateWeek DayYear Holiday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Jun 17Sun2012Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Mon2013Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Tue2014Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Wed2015Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Fri2016Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Sat2017Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Sun2018Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Mon2019Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Wed2020Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Thu2021Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts
Jun 17Fri2022Bunker Hill DayState holidayMassachusetts

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