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Ashura Day In USA – Muslim Holiday – Today holiday

What is Ashura?

The question rise what is Ashura? What is Ashura meaning? What is Ashura definition? Ashura is the 10th day of Muharram inside the Islamic calendar.

There are mainly two concepts of Ashura, Ashura Sunni and Ashura Shia. For Shi’a Muslims, Ashura marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram, and commemorates the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad at the war of Karbala on 10 Muharram inside the 12 months 61 AH ( in AHt: October 10, 680 CE). The massacre of Husayn with a small group of his partners and family members had a first-rate impact at the religious sense of right and wrong of Muslims, mainly Shi’a Muslims, who commemorate Husayn’s dying with sorrow and passion. Mourning for Husayn and his companions by his surviving household and supporters commenced nearly straight away after the struggle of Karbala. Famous elegies had been written via poets to commemorate the war of Karbala all through the Umayyad and Abbasid generation, and the earliest public mourning rituals passed off in 963 CE during the Buyid dynasty. In Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bahrain, and Pakistan, the Commemoration of Husayn ibn Ali has emerge as a national vacation, and maximum ethnic and non-secular groups take part in it. In India, Ashura (the 10th day in the month of Muharram) is a public holiday due to the presence of a tremendous Indian Shia Muslim population.

In Sunni Islam, Ashura marks the day that Moses and his fans (additionally known as the youngsters of Israel) were saved from Pharaoh by God developing a course in the purple Sea. Other commemorations consist of Noah leaving the Ark and Muhammad’s arrival in Medina.

On 10th of Muharram many Ashura videos can be seen, that is basically the celebration of Ashura by the Shia Muslims.


In April 680 Yazid I succeeded his father Muawiyah as the new caliph. Yazid right now advised the governor of Medina to compel Husayn and some different prominent figures to pledge their allegiance (Bay’ah). Husayn, however, refrained from making such a pledge, believing that Yazid turned into overtly going in opposition to the teachings of Islam and changing the sunnah of Muhammad. He, consequently, accompanied through his household, his sons, brothers, and the sons of Hasan left Medina to are looking for asylum in Mecca.

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on the other hand, the people in Kufa, while knowledgeable of Muawiyah’s loss of life, sent letters urging Husayn to join them and pledging to support him towards the Umayyads. Husayn wrote returned to them announcing that he could ship his cousin Muslim ibn Aqeel to report to him on the situation, and that, if he located them united as their letters indicated, he would speedily join them due to the fact an Imam should act in accordance with the Quran and uphold justice, proclaim the fact, and commit himself to the motive of God. The venture of Muslim became to begin with successful and consistent with reports 18,000 men pledged their allegiance. However the state of affairs changed appreciably when Yazid appointed Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad as the brand new governor of Kufa, ordering him to deal severely with Ibn Aqeel. Earlier than information of the unfavourable flip of events had reached Mecca, Husayn set out for Kufa.

Ashura day in usa

At the way, Husayn observed that his messenger, Muslim ibn Aqeel, had been killed in Kufa. He broke the news to his supporters and informed them that human beings had deserted him. Then he recommended each person who so wished to leave freely without guilt. Most of those who had joined him at various tiers at the way from Mecca now left him. Later, Husayn encountered the army of Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad along the route toward Kufa. Husayn addressed the Kufan military, reminding them that they’d invited him to come because they have been without an Imam. He advised them that he intended to continue to Kufa with their assist, but if they have been now against his coming, he could return to wherein he had come from. In response, the military entreated him to continue by some other route. hence, he turned to the left and reached Karbala, where the navy compelled him now not to move further and prevent at an area that become without water.

Umar ibn Sa’advert, the head of the Kufan military, sent a messenger to Husayn to inquire about the motive of his coming to Iraq. Husayn answered again that he had responded to the invitation of the people of Kufa however turned into ready to go away if they now have been against his presence. While Umar ibn Sa’advert, the head of the Kufan army, said this returned to Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad, the governor told him to provide Ḥusayn and his supporters the possibility to swear allegiance to Yazid. He additionally ordered Umar ibn Sa’advert to reduce off Husayn and his followers from get admission to to the water of the Euphrates. On the next morning, as ʿOmar b. Saʿd arranged the Kufan military in battle order, Al-Hurr ibn Yazid al Tamimi challenged him and approached Ḥusayn. He vainly addressed the Kufans, rebuking them for his or her treachery to the grandson of Muhammad and become killed within the warfare.

The conflict of Karbala lasted from morning to sundown on October 10, 680 (Muharram 10, sixty one AH). Husayn’s small organization of companions and own family members (in general around seventy two guys and few girls and kids) fought towards a large army under the command of Umar ibn Sa’advert and had been killed close to the river (Euphrates), from which they had been no longer allowed to get water. The famend historian Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī states:

The day of Ashura is 10th of Muharram every year in the Islamic Calendar. Ashura 2017 is on Oct 1st.

Ashura Self Flagellation:

Shi’ite Muslims all around the world had been beating themselves with sharp blades, masking their bodies in mud and lighting bonfires within the streets to mourn the demise of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson these days.

self flagellation on Ashura

Pics from all over the world, confirmed shockingly younger boys lashing their personal backs with small knives and chains. Lots of men performed the identical brutal exercise in Lebanon, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan and Myanmar and even Athens, Greece.

The bloody rituals had been a part of the holy Day of Ashura, while Shi’ite Muslims take into account the loss of life of Imam Hussein at the battle of Karbala in 680 AD.



Ashura Day Calendar:

DateWeek DayYear Holiday NameHoliday TypeWhere It is Observed
Dec 17Fri2010Ashura Muslim
Dec 6Tue2011Ashura Muslim
Nov 24Sat2012Ashura Muslim
Nov 14Thu2013Ashura Muslim
Nov 3Mon2014Ashura Muslim
Oct 24Sat2015Ashura Muslim
Oct 12Wed2016Ashura Muslim
Oct 1Sun2017Ashura Muslim
Sep 21Fri2018Ashura Muslim
Sep 10Tue2019Ashura Muslim
Aug 29Sat2020Ashura Muslim


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